About the Association

The Briarwood Home Owners Association is a non-profit, self-governing, volunteer association. You automatically become a member when you purchase a home in Briarwood.

Each lot is entitled to one vote for electing Directors, providing they are up to date on their Assessment. The Board of Directors consists of nine members. Terms are for three years and the terms are staggered. For example a member elected to begin serving after the annual meeting in 2019, would serve for the remainder of that year, all of 2020, all of 2021 and the part of 2022 until the next election. Members may run as often as they are willing to perform the duties of the Association.

The members elect the Board and the Board elects its own officers and appoints all the Committee Chairs. Each committee is responsible for keeping the Board informed and obtaining prior approval from the Board before engaging in any activity in the Association’s name.

It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to:

  • Carry out the business and programs of the Association
  • Establish and collect dues and special assessments
  • Enforce the covenants and restrictions
  • Be responsive to the concerns of the members

The Board's standing committees are as follows:


Administers all recreational programs and activities.


Administers all repairs, improvements and maintenance of common areas including the entranceways and recreational parks.


Informs members of activities and functions, prepares press releases and announcements including the neighborhood newsletter.

Safety and Security

Maintains and updates the Neighborhood Watch communication tree, and acts as liaison with the Meridian Township Police Department.

Architectural Control and Covenant Enforcement (ACCE)

Plans for any building, fence, wall, exterior addition or alteration and recommends action to the Board. The ACCE committee also is the contact point for complaints regarding covenant violations