Neighborhood News

April 2, 2017

With things warming up, many of us are beginning to turn our attention to our yards. Here are some tips to keep a green, healthy lawn:

  • Don't cut your grass shorter than three inches. Taller grass has a denser and healthier root system that makes the grass more resistant to drought. Additionally, grubs (a favorite dinner for skunks) avoid robust roots. The highest setting on lawn mowers is typically 3.25-4".
  • Use a sharp blade sharp. Sharp mower blades cut cleanly, whereas dull blades tear. Damaged grass turns yellow and requires more water and nutrients to recover. Local hardware stores will happily sharpen the blades you bring in.
  • Feed and water your lawn. Your lawn may not need herbicides, it will certainly benefit from regular applications of fertilizer. For more information about how and when to fertilize your lawn, see Allyn "The Lawn Care Nut" Hayes' excellent video series. And do not forget that your grass is thirsty! Ideally, your lawn should get around one inch of water per week.

To fine-tune your lawn care regimen, you may want to have your soil tested at Michigan State University. Visit to learn more about testing.